Monday, February 6, 2012

This blog is about "Gangsta rap, G-funk, Southern, Midwest, Dirty South, West Coast, rare rap and phat stuff."  Any idea on what the URL means?  Lucky for you I'm an ex-gamer so I can translate.  It says "straight mf hustler."  These guys are all about rap music and they mean business.

I've been waiting awhile for a blog like this.  This site makes me want to watch Tosh.O, go shopping at the Gap and then drink a frappucino.  And I don't even like frappucinos.  All the Hollywood stereotypes are true.  There's chrome wheels, bandanas in every possible pocket and everybody wears XXL.  I've never been so thankful that I grew up in Boulder Colorado.

This blog raises some disturbing questions about our cultures moral nexus,the state of public education and how the hell our illiterate author could even operate a computer.  He must be dealing with some very patient public library staff.  Unfortunately they didn't help him with the spelling.  The author doesn't seem too interested in making sentences.  He just takes a bunch of words like "murda" and "tyte" and puts them next to each other.

What grade should we give  I'm going with an F.  The sites author may not be familiar with the A-F index since I don't think it's used till middle school but it means you failed.  Stay tuned for more blogging on blogs...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can voyeurism hold up to all the hype?  Now you can see for yourself without worrying about all those obnoxious labels. Join us as we take an intimate look at the Essers and their family blog.

Jon and Emily have been married for eight years.  They have two children.  Sarah is a spirited three year old who loves singing, playing outside and blowing bubbles.  She turns four this coming May 1st.  Happy early birthday Sarah!  Reagan is five and she's the family princess.  Her lovely name comes from Emily's grandmother.  Reagan likes wearing dresses, having her imaginary friends over for tea and going to dance class.  Both children have loving grandparents who live on 1582 Washington Drive Jamestown, VA 23081.

Emily has gone back to work at Edmund Elementary in Kings, North Carolina where she teaches from 7:30am to 3:30pm most weekdays.  She misses her children but she and Jon are "making it work."  She finds time to unwind by getting lunch at her parents most Thursdays around noon (see above address).  Emily's favorite Starbucks drink is a vanilla latte, which she likely buys from the store on 3rd and Stewart.

What grade should we give and this very ordinary family.  I'm going with a solid B.  Stay tuned for more blogging on blogs...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ever wondered what happens when you watch too much sci-fi?  You end up writing a blog about the zombie apocalypse and that's exactly what is about.  If its Friday night and you and your friends are so so bored you're actually considering watching Lord of the Rings, stop, grab another Redbull and take a gander at this website.  It's shamefully entertaining.  It has questionnaires on what you'd do in the first hour of an attack, optimal weapons for killing the undead and discusses the merits of catching zombies on fire.  It was so much fun I even took some of the tests two or three times!

I do have one problem and yes it will effect their grade.  Most of the writers seem to think the best way to kill a zombie horde is with high caliber weapons.  One or two zombie, sure, but not a horde.  You need spray and power and that only comes from the shotgun.  The always immanent threat of being cannibalized by the undead will probable keep you moving a lot and zombies tend to hang out in  hordes.  The shotgun works for zombies en masse and while on the move.  Also there is a problem that rarely gets discussed.  What type of mouth and eye protection are we supposed to wear?  If blood gets into either of these, well, we have a problem.

What grade should we give  I'm going with an A-.  Stay tuned for more blogging on blogs...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good afternoon users...

What do you want the future to bring?  Some people hope for a cure to cancer, others want a teleporting device and some just want to be happy. makes me hope the future brings a scratch and sniff computer monitor.  A quick survey of this site will have you running to your nearest pastry shop.  Join me as we take a look at this tasty little blog.

Ever wondered how to make peppermint swirl marshmallows or tiramisu or adorable sugar cookies?  If you're like me the answer is no but the pictures look really cool.  But if sweets is your thing there are plenty of interesting recipes, helpful tricks and reassuring words to guide you on the path to sugary goodness.  Maybe this site will inspire you to be a little more adventurous in the kitchen.  Lord knows I need to.  My big beef with this site is that there hasn't been a post since June.  We want more!

What grade should we give, assuming Elyse is her real name.  Its hard to give an accurate grade because I didn't actually read it, I mostly looked at the pictures.  Well lets go with an A-.  Excellent spelling, compact font and charming pics earn this top grade.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We've all heard the jokes about liberal arts students working at McDonalds after they drop forty grand on college.  Kelly Cordes broke the mold in a pretty big way.  He worked at Taco Bell.  He later broke that mold by becoming the chief editor of the American Alpine Journal, established himself as one of Americas alpining heavy weights and freely shares his knowledge and passion about all things margaritas.  Much like a night of drinking margs, Kelly's writings chronicle a great American climber as he explores the actual and figurative summits of life and the occasional regrets of the morning after.

Depending on what you read, the author could be John Muir describing his beloved High Sierras, your buddy ranting about his hated political party or whoever writes that eye-straining technical info that comes along with gear.  Kelly, if you're "that guy" could you suggest to the big wigs that they make the font a little bigger.  I'm not talking children books; I just wanna know what language I'm reading.

Kellys writings have a certain beaknik nostalgia.  They give you that feeling that the author is there telling you his stories face to face, consistently honest and compelling, sometimes meandering but always driven by the ragged beauty seen first hand.  His writings are well worth the read.  Im going with an A.  Stay tuned for more blogging on blogs...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ahh Fall.  The leaves are changing, jackets come out of the closet and football is in full swing.  In keeping with the season I've got a special little treat for you,  Its all things Tennessee Titans.

Rich, the author, seemed pretty knowledgeable about the team so I decided to put him to the test.  I asked him what he thought about the Titans recent loss to the Texans, the rise of Chris Johnson and the teams overall position in the AFC South.  Unfortunately Rich failed all the these questions.  The correct answer was "Who gives a shit."

America I'm sorry but there is nothing more strange than being fanatical about a sports team, especially a bad one.  Its like "Do you know somebody on the team or something?"  And whats up with people saying they're into "sports" when all they do is sit on the couch watching other people play.  It's like saying you date a lot when all you do is watch romantic comedies.  And Im not sure I like the new stereotype anymore than the old one.  Beer commercials show us a bunch of attractive healthy people drinking 3/2 beer and having the time of their lives.  Id rather be hanging out with joe six pack in his parents basement just so I can at least feel good about myself.

Rich I'm so sorry.  Please dont take this personally. gets a B+.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The ethics of argument tell us that we should criticize the idea and not the person.  I've decided to compromise by criticizing only part of the person.  I'm sure the writers at are decent parents, they would make for okay neighbors and they're good at their jobs (unless thats writing this blog).  The problem is they can't seem to make a philosophical argument to save their lives.  This is all fine and dandy except that they're telling the internet world how dumb others are.

They do use a lot of three syllable words but when I say they cant make an argument I mean just that.  Lets go back to the basics.  An argument is some claim/s (for fun lets call these premises) that support the truth of another claim (lets call this the conclusion).  A conclusion without premises is an assertion.  The problem is that their blogging is mostly assertions.  Claiming religion is harmful is just an assertion unless you give reasons to think this.

Some of the stuff is even just plain incoherent.  Justin Vacula lists off the conditions for knowledge and then describes them as "an appraisal of reason, argument, and evidence that coheres with reality."  Is Justin calling himself as an evidentialist and correspondence theorist?  Uh oh Justin.  You're gonna have some difficulty dealing with veritic luck and the regress problem.  Luckily Justin is an atheist so he doesn't have to make sense of how beliefs correspond to metaphysical entities (like God).

Now Ive been there, it hurts when you're picked last for youth group kick ball.  They really need to just get rid of the whole team captain thing and count off one, two, one, two.  But they haven't.  I think the writers at need to buck up, work on their soccer kick and sharpen that 30 yard dash rather than making empty rants about the religion of their play ground bullies.

Well what grade should we give  If this were a philosophy class I don't think they would get a passing grade.  Im gonna go easy and give them a C.  Stay tuned for for blogging on blogs.

Site Under Construction will temporarily under construction for the next 15 minutes.  Sorry for any inconvienence.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good afternoon users.  I have a delicious little treat for you today.

The URL says it all.  This blog is about yogurt hotspots in the midwest and after reading only a few posts you'll find that this Jane Nobody is genuinely passionate about yogurt.

Sites like this create a certain cognitive dissonance.  The side of you thats drinking port and reading the American Philosophical Quarterly finds stuff like this below contempt.  The other side thats bored to death and starting on your second bag of Cheetos cant stop reading.  Jane makes mysterious references about her Facebook friend Mary, airs her dirty laundry with Pinkberry (an area yogurt chain) and seems to have genuine empathy for the deprived residents of Michigan who don't have access to tarty yogurts.  Whats even more compelling is the earnestness in her writing.  My feelings for yogurt have gone from total indifference to mild interest.  If I didn't have to get in my car and drive three minutes I would definitely seek out some low fat goodness.

Well Jane, Im giving you an A- for your site.  Users, its not a waste of half a day reading the 157 posts on  Stay tuned for more blogging on blogs...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I was interested in this blog from the get go.  I typed "conspiracy" into google and the first thing I got was  Its an interesting sight.  The lime green lettering makes you feel mildly uncomfortable and the excess of advertisements makes you wonder how underground they really are.  The news headings range from well known current events to 9/11 conspiracies, making everyone from the dumb-as-dirt to the mildly cognizant feel right at home.  A quick look at their "About Us" link shows that they have a quarter million members having written over twelve million posts of "substance."  Here is a look at some of these posts.

"Is the actual end of the world Dec 24 not Dec 11?" -demonologist842012

"probably not" -userrider123

"Very, VERY doubtful. Really not worth worrying about. If it did actually occur, there is nothing you or any one can do about it any way. It would be the end. Just chill" -maythetruthbeknown

Now since I was expecting verbal upchuck, we do have to give them credit for at least making coherent sentences

What rating does get?  Im going with a B-.  The site itself is clean and organized and their philosophy of making up for crappy news by just having a lot of it is at least novel in its excess.

Stay tuned for more blogging on blogs...